Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2016

a letter to Ewan Dobson

Dear Mr. Dobson,

first thing I want to say is how deeply your guitar style and your fine music keeps inspiring and astonishing me. Since I first heard Manuel Barrueco I cannot recall an acoustic guitar artist that has been that much satisfying my ears until you came along.

It should not surprise you to hear I first stumbled upon one of your music videos wearing that rice farmer's hat^^ (of course it was "TIME 2", your posssibly most spread work).

Even when I lost track to your play for a few years, that rice farmer's hat turned out to be a well working google search term when you came back to my mind.
And this time, I would not let myself go away without proper appreciation of at least a few of your albums.

Due to an old yet bad habit, I chose the way of downloading three or four of your albums the 90's kids way - which to make a long story short means you did not receive a single nickel for your fine work
(oh, and you could drop a small hint at the Candyrat records people that their artists' pages were not completely safe in terms of downloading complete albums unintentionally for free...).

Your recently postet FB content about being financially unable to put your double guitars work to stage due to the costs stuck in my mind and guilty conscience dug its way to the surface, so here I go, making amends.

I tried to figure out what an artist's remuneration these days would possibly be. 

All of the websites I consulted named ridicoulos low values, the highest I found was about € 2,60 (equalling C$ 3,80) - that goes for an entire album!

So I doubled the C$ ~10 I owe you and donated 20 CAD using the PayPal link on your website the other day. Sorry it took a bit time to get honest with you.

Keep playing your music and keep enjoying us all with your work.
Oh, and there's one more thing: Please (pls!) grab a friend of yours (or put a public call on FB) and get your website redesigend - it is I'm said to say a pain in the ass to look at and causes instant eye cancer^^)

Sincerely your fan, definitely waiting for you to get on stage in Germany,

Rain Z.


  1. Nice English... one (that caught my attention) typo though: "I'm said to say"...

    1. Still trying to figure out the typo - can you help? Other, what would your line look like?

      ("I'm always willing to learn if you got something to teach. .." - Depeche Mode) ;-))

    2. Oh sorry, my fault, I could habe been more precise right away: From the context think you meant: "I'm sad to say...".

      You are absolutely right ;-)))

  2. Herr Z., ich würde die betreffende Zeile so formulieren -it's, I'm sorry to say, a pain in the ass to look at and eye cancer-causing at once.
    "...I'm said to say..." habe ich in dem (vermuteten) Zusammenhang so noch nie gehört, aber vielleicht irre ich mich ja auch in dem, was Sie genau ausdrücken wollten. [Hüstel, Buchstabendreher "...get your website redesigned"]

    Auf alle Fälle ganz schön schwierig, so umgangssprachliche engl./amerik. Floskeln, die ja auch in der deutschen Umgangssprache nicht völlig unüblich sind ;-), dann auch wieder treffend zu (re-)übersetzen!

    1. Mittlerweile hab ich's erfahren, was da falsch war - bisweilen guckt man ja 15x auf einen eigenen Text und sieht den offensichtlichsten Fehler nicht, der einem Dritten sofort ins Auge springt.

      Trotzdem peinlich für mich, GsD ist mein Vater (Sprachenlehrer) schon unter der Erde^^ - der Fehler (SAID anstatt SAD) wäre ihm sicher eine kleine Enterbung wert gewesen :-).


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